Merry X-Mas

Happy Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone. I guess in these Special Times we see each other online one day or the other ;)

Quake Champions Winterseason started and new Patchnotes!

It´s Winter again, this means there´s a new seasonal update for our beloved little Quake Champions:. Here are the Patchnotes:
NEW MAP: EXILE"Only the dust-laden ice holds together these halls at the end of time. Only the jaundiced traces of their sole denizen etch and illuminate their walls."

The icy arena Exile lies within The Rift, the dark edge of the Dreamland where the Elder God known as The Lurching King now resides. Exile is available in Duel, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena, Instagib, Unholy Trinity, and Hot Rockets.

NEW MAP: THE LONGEST YARD CTFA remix on the classic, this mirrored teamplay version of The Longest Yard is now available in Capture the Flag mode!

SEASON 9 BATTLE PASS REWARDSPick up this Season's Battle Pass and unwrap some festive rewards:

  • 55 winter vanities
  • 107 new profile icons
  • 6 new Lore scrolls, "The Music in the Darkness," which when fully collected unlocks the MASTER SHADER for the Lightning Gun and Railgun

The Artist formerly known as Cuisine Royale

New Season, New Map. New Mechanics, New Name ( atleast for this season) Today marks the Release of Crsed F.o.a.d

Serverdowntimes incoming

Servers will be moved to a better machine. Therefore there will be some Serverdowntime incoming for Teamspeak and Conan Exiles in the next days. I try to keep downtimes as minimal as possible and stay away in the evinng hours ;)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone incoming!!

Time to get the boots geared

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noskillz 16/09/2019 01:48
super games heute leute ! :)

03/09/2019 19:54 Muahdib
Nen Haufen alter Säcke die immer noch rocken ^^

Speedy 08/07/2019 20:50
Ihr seid schon ein cooler Haufen :)

12/06/2019 13:19 admin
tiki am start ;)

Muahdib 11/06/2019 18:51
oh wieder neue Webseite ... grüße vom Tiki..

09/05/2019 17:13 Blade.exe

admin 24/02/2019 20:50
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